Saturday, July 21, 2012

Monday morning fun

How can Monday mornings be fun I hear you say? Well, I can't remember ever liking Monday's, as a child, I would be laying in bed on a Sunday night and I would hear the end music to " That's Life" (ancient program) finishing downstairs and I would be thinking "that's it, weekend over" and a sense of impending doom would fall upon me! (I wasn't a dramatic child, but I really didn't enjoy school much) 

 Later on in secondary school, why were the worst, most difficult lessons on a Monday? And of course as an adult, no one enjoys their job so much that they long for Monday to arrive, of course your welcome to correct me if I'm wrong!

 I'm now a mother, and have had to send my children to school now for nearly ten years, so it still feels like it did when I was little when I see them on a Sunday night complaining that the weekend is over! So, how amazing that when I started college, I discovered that Monday mornings can be the best! Each Monday at 9.30am, we have a drawing session, we take turns in leading the drawing and every time it's something different, here are a selected few...... 

See more drawing session work on My Flickr Set

Different views of object

What is on your mind after 10 mins meditation?

Life Drawing
Incorporate chosen object with a given CD

 How much happier would we all be if our workplaces, schools etc did this on a Monday to kick start the week?

Today's Happy Thought - There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!

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