Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Pampered Chef

The week before last I hosted a Pampered chef party at home, I stressed about it ( I used to do party plan, & it's a nightmare trying to get people to come) I worried that if everyone invited did come, they wouldn't all fit in the living room, I worried that the children wouldn't be able to sleep, as we are used to a quiet home of an evening, basically I worried about everything!

but it was great, enough people came, everyone fitted & seemed to enjoy it!

A week later, I attended a meeting with my friend, who has become a consultant for Pampered chef after my party, as I was interested in becoming one myself, in the (distant) future. I found that they are all a lovely bunch of people who all love their job & have a fun at the same time!

I thought that our little friends in the dolls house should join in the fun too!
Pampered chef party

Sam x

Todays happy thought: Housework never killed anyone, but why take the risk?

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