Monday, March 10, 2008

Dry & not being blown to pieces!

I thought I'd catch up a bit as I am not picking up from school today so I'm catching up on the ever increasing housework, putting away my craft bits in happy shed (which is a bit draughty today) & sharing my Hylands house weekend with you! I can't post any pictures as that doesn't seem to be working at the moment, I have some pretty pictures of my dolls house gardening creations too!

Saturday was quiet, or should I say quieter than Sunday! My stall was busy all day though, I have to say I am nearly always busy chatting to people about miniatures, dolls houses, the materials I use! quite often childhood memories are stirred up & people have lots of interesting stories to tell, mainly I have to say, these are stories of how they had wished they had a dolls house as a child, but never got one!
Most of my customers though are not children, they are grown men & women who have indulged in their dolls house dreams when they have the time (& maybe money) to appreciate it.

One thing though-I always get someone who tells their children, you know while I am sitting right there, " I'll get you some plasticine/play-dough/marzipan, & you can make some of those":)

I had a good weekend though, I like Hylands house, Hylands park was where I saw my first Take That concert, I think though that as good as my weekend was, Take That probably made more money at their one gig at Hylands than I did at my three!!!!!!

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