Saturday, December 1, 2007

Take that never fail to provide us with the best night out ever, & an atmosphere that I can't describe, we were a bit higher up than we have ever been (scarily so) & a bit further away, but still close enough to feel the fire!
they managed to get in all the old favourites, (some nearly forgotten) & the best of the new ones, it was fantastic! I screamed I shouted I waved my arms about (like I'd forgotten I could!) they were better than ever!
The 02 wasn't what we expected, seems much smaller than you think, but inside is enormous, I didn't realise there was so much there, I just thought it would be the same as any other concert venues, but theres an ice rink, the Tutankhamun exhibition, a cinema & various bars & clubs.

Todays very happy thought-That there'll always be more Take that !

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