Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back to school

School has started again, the children are settled in and it seems like the summer holidays are long gone, I'm looking forward to the Autumn, I like the wintry months, our long walk to school each day will be much easier when we're all wrapped up warm.

I like this time of year as it leads to thoughts of hallowen, bonfire night, Christmas & my ideas for miniatures goes into overdrive!!!

I have been offered window space in a lovely shop I pass everyday called The Gallery, so I have been busy making Halloween goodies, I made toffee apples this morning, just how I remember them, with deep red hard toffee around them & a flat top where it had been left on the tray to set...we also used to play bob apple which was an apple dangling from a piece of string which you had to take a bite from without holding it! my children love playing it now on any occasion, & it's how I got them eating apples, so why not!
I am also going to be exhibiting at Chelmsfords civic theatre for the whole of December, all through the panto, lots of peter pan & cinderella inspired miniatures to think about!
Todays happy thought; I keep trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me!

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